A stable machining process for tasks like rigid tapping, drilling and cutting are ensured by strong drives and a heavy machine body. Rapid speed rates up to 60 m/min and a chip-to-chip time of only 1.6 seconds boosts your productivity and profit. The dual table enables a batch processing where the machine operator or a robot picks up the finished workpieces and the settle.

Compact tapping centre with rotatable double table

 The innovative HiT-360D machining centre sets new standards in the efficient production of medium to large batches. A high-speed spindle with a direct spindle connection enables high productivity and stable tapping, even for small taps.

An easily rotated double table ensures that set-up and the removal of finished pieces do not affect main time. Rapid tool changing and high traverse speeds of up to 60 m/min make the machining centre a real hit in terms of efficiency.

Stable guideways and ball screws as well as minimised thermal displacement by means of ceramic bearings ensure precision during machining despite increased productivity.

Fast dual table

  • 2 x 650 x 400 mm
  • High Speed Spindle

Standard tool: BBT30

  • Standard spindle speed: max. 12k, 15k or 24k rpm
  • Direct Spindle connection offers rigid tapping as well as mini tap
  • Minimized thermal displacement through ceramic bearing
  • Tool magazine size: 21 tools

High Speed Feed Rate

  • Max. Rapid traverse: 50/50/60 m/min
  • Stable traverse
  • Low noise and high precision through ball screw tubeless
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