Ram Type With 80″ Chuck

VT-2000 is a ram type vertical lathe with 80″ chuck, providing the best machining conditions and performance for large size heavy duty workpieces commonly used in ships, wind turbines, construction and many other large industrial components.


Bed and Table

VT-2000VT-2000 maximizes the power transmission efficiently through gear box transmission. High-rigidity hydrostatic bearing produces higher quality and machined surfaces than ordinary bearing due to vibration dampening through oil film and forced oil cooling system.

Square Ram

VT-2000 - Square RamManufactured from special cast iron and heat treatment ground to precision, the square ram has a high-precision, high-rigidity structure. The ram is integrated with the milling spindle and can perform drilling, tapping and milling operations.

Cross Rail and Column

VT-2000 - Cross rail and columnThe cross rail, driven by precision ball screws and AC servo motor, moves the column through linear guide way precise and stable, its hydraulically clamped structure provides stability during drilling, tapping or milling processes.

C-Axis Unit

VT-2000 - C-Axis UnitThe built-in C-axis control unit enables precise operations for boring, drilling, milling, and tapping, etc. to meet various machining conditions.