For Flexible Machining Of Parts & Components

A-600 is built with highly rigid box on box design for stable machining, its small footprint is perfect for FA system integration.

  • Motor-integrated spindle: 16,000 rpm (22/18.5 kW) and HSK-A63 (opt. 8,000 rpm HSK A100)
  • Rapid feed(X/Y/Z): 60/60/60 m/min
  • Compact footprint is suitable for factory automation
  • Rigid X/Y axes (Box in box design)
  • Highly rigid roller guides in all axes

High-performance Spindle

The spindle integrated motor limits vibration, noise and power loss at high speed operations. The oil-jet system injects directly into the spindle bearing for effective lubrication and cooling, the motor and the spindle assembly are jacket-cooled to limit the displacement caused by heat. To achieve greater precision, the spindle constantly monitors for thermal displacement and makes necessary adjustment in real time.

High-precision Feed Drive

The linear roller guide way system ensures stable and smooth processing, the direct-coupled servo motor minimizes backlash during traverse. The machine automatically injects the lubricant onto the linear guide and the ball screws to maintain precision and functionality.

B-axis Drive

The servo motor’s precision worm gear design increases the motor’s torque, and the large-capacity oil-pressure brake system provides stable and accurate machining when performing fixed-angle roughing and boring.