8” Chuck With Tool Magazine & Y-Axis

C2 is an integrated multiplex turning center that combines the processing capability of a turning center with the processing capability of a machining center obtainable through Y and C axis control. It can completely manufacture parts in complex geometry in a single chucking operation.

Ideal for complex workpieces in small batches – for maximum flexibility. Thanks to its travelling column design, with its orthogonal X, Y and Z axes, the C2 unifies the machining characteristics of a lathe with the fabrication characteristics of a machining centre. This means that workpieces with complex contours can also be machined to an exceptional level of precision. At the same time, a sub spindle allows two machining steps to be carried out without clamping errors.

Key Features:

  • Independent orthogonal structure of X, Y, and Z-axes reduces feed error to zero, sustaining high rigidity and high precision even during prolonged processing
  • The magazine can be loaded with various tools, enabling multiple lathing and milling processes in a single, uninterrupted operation.
  • High Precision, High Rigidity Turret – in a World First Design. Mounted with up to 18 tools, the turret enables even faster and more stable machining through multiplex operations.
  • Quick tool change with Capto C4 system. Tool positions are widespread and do not interfere with each other. Wide selection of tools and tool holders for various applications any time.
  • Main spindle with 8” chuck (opt.10”) and 15 Kw power and a 477 Nm torque. Maximum 5,000rpm (subject to chuck size). Designed as “built-in” spindle (direct drive). Spindle housing with oil cooling standard.
  • Optional sub-spindle with 6” chuck. Maximum 6,000 rpm and 15 Kw.
  • Process integrated multiplex machining possible.
  • Y-Axis with +/- 60 mm stroke in a single linear movement.
  • Additional tool storage capacity through integrated tool magazine. Providing additional 11 tools to the system. Either single tools or complete tool holder is automatically interchangeable.
  • Optional built-in part catcher and part conveyor providing unmanned operation cycles.
  • All-in-one utilities giving a smooth machine layout without equipment standing outside the machine. Easy maintenance and servicing ensured.
  • The machine structure ensures easy chip removable and discharge.