Fast Turret For Mass Production

VT-650 turning center reduces cutting time, due to the rigid high-speed turret. With high speed indexing, providing consistent and most stable machining performance, this machine is most suitable for mass production and machining tough materials. Various different spindle motors to choose from to cater to various applications.

  • Twin spindle option
  • Powerful milling function optional available
  • Complete separation of the lubricant and the coolant medium
  • Designed for optimal integration in a factory automation system

Heavy duty machining stability

VT-650 turning centers have been the preferred choice for many manufacturers around the world . They have demonstrated exceptional capabilities by machining brake discs, brake drums, gears, wheels, hubs and valves. The one piece machine bed design limits thermal distortion and absorbs vibration effectively, it guarantees high surface quality and precision at high speed. These turning centers can be ordered with spindle on the left or the right side or as double machine configuration where the operator can work on two machines with one control. The fast and effective chip disposal and the environment friendly oil-water separation design will make your production more efficient and cost effective.

User friendly design, a wide range of optional features

VT-650 turning centers are designed with the end user in mind. The user-friendly machine design and a variety of supplementary options made for stronger, faster, and more precise machining performance.