Optimal Solution For Even Toughest Materials

For applications in tool, die and mould making, from precision components to heavy duty cutting, the M4 sets a new standard. Like no other machine in this segment, this machine stands out with its great weight, twin drives and extremely stable guideways. The M4 thus fulfils all the requirements of heavy duty cutting and is also suited to high cutting rates.

Heavy Meehanite Machine Bed & Powerful Drives – Made for Tough Cutting Conditions

M4-5AX is a 5-axis machining center that is specialized for machining molds and parts that have complex shapes and require highest precision. It is designed with a high-precision, high-rigid rotary table developed with Hwacheon’s technology. The high-rigidity, high-performance spindles and Hwacheon’s 5-axis software technology offer precise and fast machining environment, ensuring satisfactory results.

Various Spindle Series

  • BBT-50 (OPT.: CAT-50, HSK-A100, SK-50)
  • High-speed : 12,000 rpm
  • High-torque : 8,000 rpm
  • High-precision Rotary Table

High-precision rotary encoder (controlled to the extent of 0.0001°)

  • Loading of heavy weights : 1,200 kg
  • Table size : Ø 800 x 630 mm
  • Rapid speed (A/C-Axis): 20/30 rpm
  • Maximum machining capacity : Ø 1,050

Work Convenience

  • Excellent table accessibility
  • Automatic open/close system for ceiling
  • Effective discharge of chips and cutting oil
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