Bridge Type Design

SIRIUS-1350 is a precision machining center specialized for medium to large size mold & die production. With Hwacheon’s unique machining software built in, it provides a geometrical accuracy that satisfy every customer with improved productivity. It is especially suited for high quality mold machining which requires a superb surface finish like machining “Head Light Bezel”.

High quality machining for large size mold applications

  • Load capacity of maximum 8 tons
  • Applied precision enhancement technology of a Box Way feeding system
  • Minimized vibration by separating the source of vibration (Oil Cooler)

Capable of large size mold precision & die

  • Able to set various sizes of work material
  • Applicable tool length of maximum 500 mm
  • Wide door opening range for easier loading/unloading of large materials
  • Configurable magazine options according to tool specifications and requirements